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2.0 Movie Review : This storm is beyond imaginations but shows us the future!

Bollywood Movie Review

Plot: 2.0 is all about Pakshi Rajan (Akshay Kumar) who is a professor of Ornithology (study of birds) and lives with birds but very disappointed and helpless with the excess use of mobile phones and technology which has become major cause of death of birds species. Pakshi Rajan seeks help from law, governance, people etc to control this but nobody helps him and after too much struggle he gave up on life and commits suicide but his story doesn’t end here and professor comes back with limitless powers and a motto to end up the mobile generations from the earth.


Now the only power who can beat the giant Pakshi Rajan is ‘Chitti’ and Dr. Vasigaran brings him back and the fight begins but what and how the things get happened, you must watch that.

Screenplay: 2.0 screenplay is very well written and of course very connecting, first half is a bit better than second half but it doesn’t mean second half lacks except a bit of dragged climax cum fight scene between Chitti and the Pakshi. First half shows the Pakshi and the harm he is giving to the people but second half shows the history of Pakshi that why and how he became that lethal and giant bird.

Performances: 2.0 revolves around Akshay Kumar, he is the Hero as well as villain of the story and he has played both of his roles (professor and giant bird) in a superb way. Apart from Akshay, everyone is good with his/her performances which makes it a very good film, whether its Superstar Rajni, Amy Jacskson, Adil Hussain etc..


Direction: Shanakar Shanmugh is the main hero of 2.0, who managed to make the film beyond imaginations but there are two points which could have been a bit better, one is main message of the film which is avoid excess use of mobile and technology is maximum shown as negative from Pakshi end but it could have also be shown as positive end which you will realize when watch it and second is the fight cum climax scene went a bit elongated and lesser appealing than Robot first part. Rest of the film is awesome.

Music: Background score is one of the best parts of the film which makes everything believable and real so hats off to A.R Rehman and Qutub-E-Kripa for giving the best one till date.

Final Verdict: As final verdict 2.0 is as big as its name and promotions speaks about and give it a chance for sure.

2.0 Teaser Reaction: Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth 2.0 Teaser is insane, A must watch!

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