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Batla House Movie Review: Top notch Direction & storytelling and John Abraham’s performance make it a must watch!

Bollywood Movie Review

Rating: 4Star

Plot: ACP Sanjay Kumar  (John Abraham) who got the Batla House Encounter done in his captaincy is center of the circle. In this encounter one of his officers and two terrorists were killed but the terrorists were students. So media and public protested against Delhi police and called it a fake encounter. Media filed a case against Delhi Police about it and now its Public+Media VS Delhi Police in the court. Sanjay Kumar also thinks that did he killed some innocents? This incident affected his personal and professional life. There is a lot of political pressure and his higher authorities pressure on Sanjay Kumar. But for his inner piece he started investigation and found the students were not innocent. They were behind February 2008 bomb blast in Delhi.

Now later second half shows the court room drama between media and Delhi Police. What happened in the climax we all know that but how did that happen is the crux of the story.

John Abraham’s Batla House Dialogue Promo 5 is Out!

Screenplay: Awesome one! Ritesh Shah and Nikhil Advani have written one of the best screenplays of a crime thriller story. Screenplay not only keeps you engaged but also entertains you to a high level. As an example encounter happens in the first 10 minutes but how media thinks and shows it happened and how it really happened is shown interestingly.


John Abraham as ACP Sanjay or encounter specialist has nailed it. He clearly looks like an officer who is getting offended by country and his own department.

Mrunal Thakur as ACP wife keeps in the character but her journalism part could have been more impacted.

Manish Chaudhari as Police Commissioner Jaivir has wide screen time and as always he was perfect with his dialogues and positive character.

List of all Independence Day Bollywood release from 2010-2019. Akshay has the maximum ones.

Ravi Kishan as inspector K.K has a cameo and is okay with his small role.

Rajesh Sharma as defense lawyer comes in the second half and fine with his job

Nora Fatehi as antagonist girlfriend’s has a cameo and seems nice in her role and awesome in the dance number ‘O Saki Saki’

Direction: Here we go, Nikkhil Advani’s direction makes this nice story as an outstanding one. What a job you have done SIR .. Take a bow! If you don’t like crime thriller then just watch it of  Nikkhil Advani’s direction.

Music: Music of the film is just fine and John Stewart Eduri score is interesting.

‘O Saki Saki’ Song from Batla Hosue: Nora Fatehi again nailed with her moves in this belly dance number.

The Last Word: Batla House shows us the truth of the encounters and the pressure on the police from public and media. We should watch it for some better knowledge of how the things get rotated within the department.

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