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Kedarnath Movie Review: the disaster part makes Kedarnath a must watch!

Bollywood Movie Review


Plot: Kedarnath is about Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Mandakini (Mukku), both fell in love but mandakini is already engaged to Nishat Dahiya who is in negative role. The love birds got caught one day and drama starts now, Mandakini’s father (Nitish Bhardwaj) fix her marriage with Nishant Dahiya the very next day. This is the day when disaster happened and story tellers fitted it in their story very well, as marriage function is done mess starts due to flood.

What happened to that marriage and Mandakini –  Mansoor relation gets unfolded by the climax

Screenplay: Kanika Dhillon screenplay is fine as per demand of the story but seems a bit lengthy and repetitive in some scenes.

Performances: First of all its about Sara Ali Khan, who opens up her career with Kedarnath and she has done a superb job as Mandakini, You’ll never find her as a debutant. She looks lovely and focused to her character.

Sushant Singh Rajput is as natural as always and did his job very honestly apart from these two everyone is fair as supporting cast whether its Nitish Bhardwaj, Alka Amin, Nishant Dahiya etc.

Direction: Abhishek Kapoor is fine with his direction in the first 75% of the film but extraordinary in last 25%, the disaster cum flood part. Director never let you even blink your eyes in that part.

Final Verdict: Kedarnath is a general love story which has been shown us many a times but awesome when its connected to Kedarnath tragedy, a next level devastation due to the flood is shown.

Kedarnath Trailer Reaction: Such a beautiful love story merged with the Kedarnath tragedy.

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