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Kesari Movie Detailed Review: An outstanding plot which will surely make every Indian proud of Saragarhi Battle.

Bollywood Movie Review

Plus Points:

  • Kesari’s plot is its biggest strength
  • Biggest movie on bravery ever
  • Fresh and healthy comedy in the first half makes you die laughing
  • Akshay Kumar’s outstanding performance makes you fall in love with Havildar Ishar Singh

 Minus Points:

  • Just for few moments, a bit of its length makes you feel like it’s getting dragged.
  • Sanu Kehandi song is not in the movie, which could have shown for making it more melodious.


Plot: Havildar Ishar Singh (Akshay Kumar) who is posted in Gulistan Fort on India-Afghanistan Border under British Indian army. He is brave Sikh soldier and can’t bear the violence on innocent. He opposes few Afghans who killing a lady and makes that lady run from there. British officer punish Ishar Singh for involving into Afghans matter and as punishment transfer him to Saragarhi fort.

On the other hand Afghans are planning of attack on Saragarhi fort with 10,000 invaders. But there are only 21 Sikhs in Saragarhi Fort and they decide to fight and not to run. How the battle starts, occurs and end , who wins and who lost the battle will get unfolded by the climax scene.

Screenplay: Kesari’s screenplay is written by Girish Kohli and Anurag Singh which is fantastic. pre-Interval part is full of fresh comedy while post-interval shows battle part. Kesari has 150 minutes running time but it doesn’t make you feel bored due to its interesting and intelligent screenplay.

Kesari Trailer Review/Reaction: Extra ordinary camera work, action and dialogues make Kesari a sure-shot blockbuster.


  • Akshay Kumar as Ishar Singh has made it large… larger… largest!!! He is damn good with his performance but his makeup looks a bit fake specially beard.
  • Parineeti Chopra has a cameo and she is fine.
  • Mir Sarwar as Khan Masud leaves his marks.
  • Vansh Bharadwaj as Lance Naik Chanda Singh is also very impacting.
  • Rest all are very good with their performances in supporting cast.

Direction: Kesari is Anurag Singh’ second movie in Bollywood after Raqeeb but he has solid chain of hit movies in Punjabi industry. He has directed Punjabi Movie ‘Punjab 1984’, starring Diljit, which is a masterpiece. ‘Kesari’ is also another magnum Opus by Anurag Singh as he directed the movie very well.

Music: Kesari background score goes with mood of the plot which makes you engaged very well but if we skip BPrak song ‘Teri Mitti’ then movie has scope of music as Sanu Kehandi is also missing in the movie.

Final Verdict: As final verdict Kesari deserves 4/5 stars and a must watch, specially for Sikh families and military men’s.

Sanu Kehndi Song from Kesari: There is Bhangra and Masti on Punjabi folk music.

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