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Laila Majnu Review: Avinash Tiwary makes you fall in love with himself and Laila Majnu!

Bollywood Movie Review

Laila Majnu story and Bollywood has a deep and lasting connection as its the maximum time recreated love story but this Laila Majnu is something different as it’s about 21st century love, where writer wants to convey that love remains same whether it’s about ancient time or today’s era.



Laila played by Tripti Dimri is a modern girl who flirts with boys and lives in the present on the other side Qais aka Majnu played by Avinash Tiwary is a rich guy who starting liking Laila and start follow her later on they both fell in love with each other and as always families have some contradictory background due to which Laila’s father refused Qais’s marriage proposal and arranged Laila’s marriage with someone else now Qais becomes Majnu and dark side starts… what happens next.. You should feel that by watching yourself.


The best part about the screenplay is its detailing which neither makes you feel bored nor runs too fast! Very engaging screenplay


Avinash Tiwary shows his versatility and switch between two characters at the same time which is magical to watch, Hats off to Avinash Tiwary for his award winning performance.

Tripti Dimri as Laila gives a very sensible support the film and never let the second end be weaker.

Music & Lyrics:

Music is already super hit which also gives you rhythmic gifts along with other solid corners. Lyrics by Irshad Kamil are damn good and heavy weight as always.


Sajid Ali as his debut gave a very memorable gift to the industry, he remains awesome with his direction throughout the film by taking care of micro level points.

Final Verdict:

Laila Majnu is not for all but for the Romantic Genre audience and for the people who know what love and freedom is…

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