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Manmarziyaan Movie Review: Combo of Spice and Sweet love stories but elongated post interval made it a bore

Bollywood Movie Review

Manmarziyaan‘ perfectly completes the word, love Triangle with its pre marital passionate romance and post marital mature relationship with the bang of performances specially played by Taapsee Pannu also Abhishek Bachchan and Vicky Kaushal made it a complete circle. But post interval stretched screenplay made the climax boring.

Rating:  2.5_stars

Plot: Taapsee Pannu as Rumy and Vicky Kaushal as Vicky love each other but Vicky is typical Punjabi stroller guy who doesn’t understand responsibility and unable to prove himself among Rumi’s family, now as per the term Rumi go for arrange marriage with Robbie Bhatia (Abhishek Bachchan).

Post marriage Rumy is stuck somewhere between Robbie and Vicky but Robbie never force her to stay with him and she can walk away.. Story keeps moving towards climax with some background songs and Punjabi comic punch.


Screenplay: First half entertains you with Vicky and Rumis’ WILD romance, Punjabi punches, background music and of course Magical performances but second half makes you bored with its multiple loop scenes and elongated climax of at least 20 minutes

Performances: Vicky Kaushal and Taapsee Pannu gave a stand out performance while Abhishek Bachchan looks dashing as a turban man also gave a sensible support to the narative.

Direction: Anurag Kashyap’s direction is okay with a decent scope of improvement for making it good.

Final Verdict: Manmarziyaan is slow in pace (specially second half) but takes you to the first level of entertainment but dropped back down in the second half. It’s a onetime watch!

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