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Simmba Movie Review: A super power pack of mass entertainment with Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar Cameos!

Bollywood Movie Review

Simmba is a complete entertainment with superb comic first half and melodramatic second half. Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar cameos make it more cheerful for their fans.



Simmba aka Sangram Bhalerao is a corrupt cum funny Police Inspector who joined Police for 3 reasons Money, Money & only money.. LOL. He got transferred to the Miramar station, where Durva Ranade (Sonu Sood ) is Godfather and runs illegal business of pubs & Drugs. Simmba works for him as well but stands against Durva Ranada after an innocent girl rape case, done by Durva’s brothers.

Now fight starts between Durva Ranade and Simmba, what happens in the end is as general as mass other films.


Simmba Screenplay is very easy and fast in the first half but a bit melodramatic and lazy in the second half but overall its entertaining.



As name Simmba is all about Ranveer Singh and he has nailed it undoubtedly. Ranveer has done a very fantastic job as far as comic timing, Goa dialect and action sequences are concerned. He hasn’t left any of the corner empty.

Sara Ali Khan got very less screen time but she is quite good with the job assigned to her.

Sonu Sood is looking promising in the negative avatar. Ashutosh Rana has done a very good job as senior Havildar.


Music of the film is already hit and all the three popular songs come in the first half which make the flow even more fast.

Background score is good as ‘Aala Re Aala’ remains in the background throughout the film.

Aankh Marey Song from Simmba: Entertaining dance number with Golmaal Guys!


Rohit Shetty’s direction is good but he should now try something different from this genre.

Final Verdict:

Ranveer Singh’s performance and comic first half make it a good watch.

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