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Stree Movie Review: Stree is an Entertaining combo of Horror and Comedy which makes you laugh to the lasting

Bollywood Movie Review


Plot: Stree is story of a Madhya Pradesh village ‘Chanderi’, where people give homage to their regional goddess for 4 days every year and these 4 days remain very crucial for the males of the village as STREE (A Witch) comes to the village only in these days and no male can roam around in the night because she kills men only.
But who she is and why she is there is some story in the background which you should know yourself by watching the film. Story moves and people are in the awe of Stree and suspense start unfolding by the climax you are clear with it!

Screenplay: A very general and sensible screenplay runs from the beginning till climax but there are some exorcism in the climax which makes classes a bit bored but that makes sense when it’s about horror, all and all screenplay justifies with the story.

Dialogues: Sumit Arora’s dialogues are very fresh and funny which makes you laugh throughout the film.

Performances: Rajkumar Rao is on ROCKET MODE now a days and giving quality variations with his acting and in ‘Stree’ he again proven himself as an entertaining actor.

Shraddha Kapoor doesn’t have that much of scope but she remains fine with her role.

Aparshakti Khurana is quite good with his job and has a story running character.

Pankaj Tripathi gives a sensible support to the film with his noticeable job.

Vijay Raaz has a cameo appearance of hardly 1 minute but nailed it with his dialogue delivery.

Music & Background Score: Music is already hit as ‘Kamariya’, ‘Aao Kabhi Haweli Pe’, & ‘Milegi Milegi’ are in the chartbuster list. Background score is good but could have been improved, at some places you feel that.

Direction: Amar Kaushik’s direction is very intelligent as he seems very clear with his goal in the entire film.

Final Verdict: Stree makes you laugh with its Dialogues but scares you as well with the horror scenes and cinematography so it justifies with its GENRE!

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