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Super 30 Movie Review: Hrithik’s Awesome Performance Got Dominated By Weak Script and Second Half’s Lost Screenplay.

Bollywood Movie Review


Plus Points:

  • Hrithik’s as always mind blowing acting
  • Engaging and fast pace first half

Minus Points:

  • Overstuffed second half
  • Poor Screenplay and direction (specially in second half)
  • Some unreal moments like the children reach to join Super 30 campaign

Super 30 Trailer Reaction: Hrithik’s impacting character and amazing background score will surely attract you.

Plot:  Anand Kumar (Hrithik Roshan) is a brilliant in Mathematics and wants to go aboard for higher studies. But he couldn’t go due to poverty and lack of support from government and other people. His father (Virendra Saxena) passes away in tension of his education. Anand Kumar fad up of poverty and opt out and opportunity of a teacher in an institute for the sake of money only. Now he is teaching rich students and forgets his background.

One day he realize he is not the right track which his father shown to him and suddenly he leaves the job and start ‘Super 30’ campaign. Now the rivals got into the trouble due to Anand Kumar and they

Screenplay: We need to divide ‘Super 30’ into two parts, one is pre-interval and other is post, as far as screenplay is concerned. First half is engaging, fast and interesting. On the other hand second half is dragged, senseless and things go out of the track.

Here is the first look poster of Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film ‘Super 30’


Hrithik Roshan: As always Hrithik Roshan gave an outstanding performance. His expressions, dialogue delivery and looks as per the character is mind blowing.

 Mrunal Thakur: She has an extended cameo but fine with her role and looks pretty in each frame.

Virendra Saxena: In Hrithik’s father character, he fits perfectly and done a remarkable job.

Pankaj Tripathi: As an antagonist Pankaj Tripathi gets lesser screen time but he is too good and funny with his moments.

Rest of the supporting cast is equally good.

Direction: Vikash Bahl’s direction is as poor as his screenplay. Second half is totally out of the track also makes you feel very bored with its length.

Jugraafiya Song from Super 30: Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghosal will change your mood’s ‘Jugraafiya’ with this awesome romantic track.

Music: Ajay-Atul music has lesser scope as you only remember ‘Jugraafiya’ and ‘Question Mark’ songs rest are below average. Background score is also average.

Final Verdict: As Hrithik came back on the screen after almost 2.5 years so this was not worth waiting. Super 30 is an average film due to its boring and unreal second half. First half is definitely good.

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