5 Weddings Trailer Reaction: Rajkumar Rao and Nargis Fakhri making it large in 5 Weddings Trailer!

Bollywood Trailer Reaction

Rajkumar Rao is peak on his career and 2018 is the best and busiest year for him so far as there are his back to back films coming into the theatres and this is the time for Indo-American film ‘5 Weddings’.

Films starring ‘Rajkumar Rao’ and ‘Nargis Fakhri’ in the lead role, Nargis is playing an American journalist who visits India for getting the details about Indian Culture and for that she has to attend different Indian cultural marriages and ‘Rajkumar Rao’ as the Police Cop has to protect her as her security guard, given by Punjab government. so this is the story in brief which you can see in the trailer and for inner twist and turns you have to wait till 21st September, Release date of ‘5 Weddings’.



Film is directed by ‘Namrata Singh Gujral’, who is an America settled NRI known as TV and Film star over there.

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