Section 375 Trailer Reaction: This court room drama seems impacting.

Bollywood Trailer Reaction

Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadha starrer ‘Section 375’ trailer is out now. The trailer seems very impacting and powerful as most of the film has been shot in court room. But the trailer also remind you of Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu Pink. Section 375, title of the films is the real IPC section for rape cases in India.

First Poster of Akshaye Khanna and Richa Chadha ‘Section 375’ is Out

Coming back to trailer it’s story of a rape victim (Meera Chopra) who is a makeup artist assistant in the film industry. Meera got raped by a famous film director Rohan Khurana played by Rahul Bhat. Now case goes to the court Richa Chadha fight for rape victim and Akshaye Khanna for Rohan Khurana. Who wins the case and how, will be uncovered on 13th September, release date of Section 375.

Here is the official trailer of Section 375:

Dialogues and the debate in the court room in the trailer seems very high tempered which will make you curious to watch it. Both the dialogue and direction are done by Ajay Bahl, who has earlier directed B.A Paas. While story and screenplay is written by Manish Gupta. So as we have explained above the film has four main characters Akshaye Khanna, Richa Chadha, Meera Chopra and Rahul Bhat.

‘Article 375’ seems critically powerful film but it will face off Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘Dream Girl’ on the box office. And in this fight Ayushmann’s ‘Dream Girl’ seems clear winner due to the awesome response of its trailer.

Dream Girl Trailer Reaction: This time Ayushmann Khurrna will steal your heart as Pooja.

So what film are you going to watch between ‘Section 375’ and ‘Dream Girl’? Do write us your take and we’ll review the winner on 13th September.

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