Toba Tek Singh Trailer Reaction: ‘Pankaj Kapoor’ fantastic performance will make it large!

Bollywood Trailer Reaction

It’s about coincidence between upcoming bollywood film ‘Manto’, which is a biopic of undivided India’s controversial writer ‘Saadat Hasan Manto’ and one of his best stories ‘Toba Tek Singh’ which is also going to be released as short film in Zee Film Festival. Toba Tek Singh is ‘Saadat hasan Manto’ most appreciated work, based on partition.

Toba Tek Singh is based on undivided India’s oldest mental asylum which is in Lahore and story focuses on dividing the Hindi, Sikh, & Muslim mental patients like other countrymen. Trailer shows all those phases which patients gone through in 1947, Bishan Singh is the main character who belongs to sikh community and played by ‘Pankaj Kapoor’, Vinay Pathak is also there in one of the main characters.

This short film length is 73 mins approx which is directed by national award winner ‘Ketan Mehta’

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