Salman Khan renamed ‘LoveRatri’ title to ‘LoveYatri’

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Due to some protest and a complaint against Salman Khan’s upcoming film (as producer)LoveRatri‘, the title is renamed to ‘loveYatri


Muzzafarpur court has warned filmmakers with an FIR against the Title of the film ‘LoveRatri’ which caused hurting the sentiments of Hindu religion as the title is similar to ‘NavRatri’ which made it an issue but Filmmakers took a smart decision without making it an issue just renamed the title to ‘LoveYatri’

The film is going to be released on 5th Oct and Salman Khan wants his Brother-in-Law debut film to get launched smoothly.

Finally it all sorted out now and we wish ‘LoveYatri’ and the team good luck!

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