‘The Prada’ Song featured Alia Bhatt is Out: 2019 disco track has come out.

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For the first time ‘Alia Bhatt’ is featured in an open track title ‘The Prada Song’. She has given special appearances in other Bollywood songs like ‘The Hook Up Song’ from SOTY2 and ‘The Break Up Song’ from ADHM. By the way I just  noticed Alia gets featured in the songs where title begins with ‘The’ :P. Now it’s her time to groove with ‘The Doorbeen’ guys on their ‘The Prada Song’ beats. ‘The Doorbeen’ guys who got fame from their last song ‘Lamberghini’.

Below are the signature lines or lyrics of ‘The Prada Song’:

Ajj Karle Tu Wada

Pehla Lei Ke De PRADA

Nahi Ta Duron Duron Takda Rahin..

Main Hor Koi Labh Lu Tu Ja…

These above signature lines are set on the old Bollywood song tune ‘Koi Saheri Babu’ from Dharmendra and Mumtaz Loafer film.

Here is the full video of ‘The Prada Song’:

This gang of two guys is just awesome they just keep the beats on their tips. ‘The Prada Song’ is commercial one, light in the lyrics but heavy with the beats. If you don’t like commercial tracks too much even then this 3:00 minutes video can be easily seen due to Alia Bhatt. She is looking gorgeous with her smiles and of course moves  choreographed by Bosco Martis. ‘The Prada Song’ is Crooned, written and composed by ‘The Doorbeen’ guys Baba and Onkar. While new comer Shreya Sharma gave voice to Alia Bhatt for ‘The Prada Song’. Jackky Bhagnani’s JJust Music has launched it as its first video.

Do watch and listen the song and write us your comments about it. Stay tuned for Bollywood latest updates .

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