Why Sacred Games 2 remained weaker than first season, Here is brief analysis, reviews and ending explanation.

Sacred Games second season was the most anticipated thing on the Netflix for Indian audience. Everyone was dying to know that will happen on that bloody 25th day Gaitonde warned about? Finally all the sacred Games fans got their answer but before proceeding I want to know was the answer worthy enough? 90% of my […]

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Mirzapur Series Review: Interesting and thrilling game of guns, drugs and kingdom.

Rating:  Briefing: It’s not easy to convey the story of Mirzapur without cracking its thrill & feel that’s why you should watch it yourself but we can help you to build up the interest by briefing few things like Mirzapur is an awesome story cum game of guns, drugs and kingdom. Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand […]

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Netflix Miniseries Ghoul Review: A power pack of ultimate story, screenplay and performances!

Netflix Original released its Second for the India as Ghoul after great success of Sacred Games, which means Demon or Monster. Ghoul released on 24th August on Netflix and here is the Review by The Last Review. Story: Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is on the military training but left it in the mid for some […]

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Emran Hashmi is playing ‘A Spy’ in Netflix upcoming series, ‘Bard of Blood’

Netflix is the next level in the entertainment field and no doubt about that, as its getting covered Indian Audience too after commercial and critical success of ‘Sacred Games’ now Emran Hashmi is playing lead in the netflix upcoming eight episode series ‘Bard of Blood’. The Series is based on the Bilal Siddiqi’s novel with […]

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