‘Ateet’ Web Series Review: This damn slow horror thrilling film starts to test your patience right from the first 15 minutes.

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Rajiv Khandelwal, Priyamani, and Sanjay Suri starrer ‘Ateet’ web film are now aired on Zee 5. ‘Ateet’ is a very slow film and tests your patience level right from the first quarter. Director Tanuj Bhramar couldn’t make it that exciting and thrilling. While Tamilnadu’s location was perfect for this horror thriller but rest of the things seem to be put forcefully.

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Plot: The story revolves around the army’s soldier ‘Ateet Rana’ (Rajiv Khandelwal) who got died in a war but came back after a few years. He saw his wife and daughter are now living with his best friend Vishwa Karma (Sanjay Suri). Now there are few horror elements and few thrills but the question is whether he is dead or alive? And why he came back?


Rajiv Khandelwal as Ateet Rana seems flat throughout the film whether it’s the emotional or romantic point.

Sanjay Suri as Vishwa Karma has more scope than anyone else in the film and he was good.

Priyamani as Janvi, after giving superhit series like ‘The Family Man’, she came back in Ateet and her performance is good here too.

Vipin Sharma as Doctor is fine

The rest of the supporting cast is just okay.

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Direction: Tanuj Bharmar’s direction is one of the biggest problems with ‘Ateet’ as it makes the film too boring.

The Last Word: ‘Ateet’ is a fine story but not that good and poor direction and slow screenplay test your patience right after the first 15 minutes. There are of course a few scary moments but not like unseen before. So I won’t recommend you to get tortured by this failure.

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