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Mrs. Serial Killer (Netflix) Movie Review: Poor experimental direction and Jacqueline’s awful act made this average story even hell.

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Jacqueline Fernandez made her debut on the OTT with Netflix web film Mrs. Serial Killer. The web film got released today and it left me with some confusing words. Like an average story is ruined by some poor experimental direction and Jacqueline Fernandez’s awful act. And, the worst is the whole story is on the weak shoulders of Jacqueline Fernandez. She is the only one who remains in frame almost all the time during this 105 minutes duration.

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Plot: As per the trailer of Mrs. Serial Killer, There is an anonymous serial killer in the city of Uttarakhand. He/she is only killing the unmarried pregnant girls, there is, of course, a story behind that. Now Inspector Imran Shahid (Mohit Raina) arrests Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukerjee (Manoj Bajpayee), husband of his ex-girlfriend. Inspector Imran is pretty sure that Dr. Mukerjee is that serial-killer. But Sona Mukerjee (Jacqueline Fernandez) thinks that Imran is just taking revenge from his husband as she dumped Imran in the past. Now she wants to save her husband but all the proofs are against him. So the only way she comes up with to abduct another girl on the name of that serial killer and she does that. She abducts her past student Anushka Tiwari (Zayn Marie), who is unmarried and pregnant too.

But does Sona kill Anushka Tiwari, or what happens to her? What happens to Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukerjee’s custody? And above all, who is that serial killer? All these answers are packed in the climax envelope.

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Jacqueline Fernandez as Mrs. Sona Mukerjee is the weakest and most dumb part of Mrs. Serial Killer as her acting was so fake. She couldn’t deliver a single emotion throughout the film. I never have seen her so silly.

Manoj Bajpayee as Dr. Mrityunjoy Mukerjee has a lesser scope or I’ll say it an extended cameo but he is too good as always.

Mohit Raina as Inspector Imran Shahid is good and natural but his character is not has been written up to the mark.

Darshan Jariwana as an advocate has a cameo and he is again good as he does.

Direction: Shirish Kunder, who has made films like Joker and Jaan-E-Mann, has tried some experiments this time but he completely failed with it. Especially during the actions scenes, he was weakest. Mrs. Serial Killer could have been a good watch if someone else has directed it.

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The Last Word:  Mrs. Serial Killer can be onetime watch as its just 1.45 hrs of duration and to know the serial killer. But the poor direction and Jacqueline’s acting will torture you at many points of time.

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