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Four More Shots Please Season 2 Review: This season is more about Baani J character, has its moments and few deadly conversations.

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This season resumes where the last one ends. This season has equally good and bad moments as the last one has. But the change of director from Anu Menon (Season 1) to Nupur Asthana (Season 2) makes it lacking in emotions and the horny part a bit, Lol. While writing of Devika Bhagat is in the same flow as it was in the first season. ‘Four More Shots Please Season 2’ gives you few funny rides in terms of comic dialogues and friendship bond of four mad girls. Also, a few emotional conversations make you think deeper.

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This season is more about Baani J character ‘Umang Singh’. As she and her love interest Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray) hooked-up and getting married. But this marriage takes the 4 episodes till climax. The rest of the three girls’ lives run parallel but in her marriage functions.

Plot: Now all the four girls are separated for the last four months and Siddhi Patel (Maanvi Gagroo) is in Istanbul to re-discover herself. She, when drunk, makes a call to Umang Singh (Baani) which makes all the three girls travel to Istanbul. Now it’s a re-hookup point and the fun begins. Let’s make it simple by reviewing the season character-wise:

Siddhi Patel (Maanvi Gagroo): The rich innocent girl is no more virgin as we know from the last season. Her mom started loving her and her choices but now her dad is her enemy in the house. This shuffle made me laugh as its childish one. Anyway, Siddhi is still discovering herself and her passion to live. So after too many experiments a guy Amit (Prabal Panjabi) lighten up her bulb and Siddhi is a stand-up comedian with Amit now. She is doing well but still confused to be happy. As Amit Mishra likes her and they both have sex in ‘Four More Shots Please’ most obvious style. But Siddhi is stuck in the past with Mihir (Rajeev Siddhartha). Now, what happens with Siddhi’s relationship status and her final job as a Stand-up comedian is Siddhi’s chapter in this season.

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Anjana Menon (Kirti Kulhari): Like Damini, she also has disputes at her workplace and she resigns. Now a new member Shashank Bose (Sameer Kochhar) takes entry as her rival in a case. Shashank is married but this is an open marriage LOL… where these terms come from? Anyway, they both get attracted to each other and Anjana starts feeling for him. But here is a trouble with this relationship and what that trouble is the only angle of Anjana Menon in this season.

Damini Roy aka Dee (Sayani Gupta): She was the only one among four who was clear about her relationship but the writer puts her into the mess too, ROFL. After resigning from the investigator.com, she decided to write a controversial book. And, she and Jeh (Prateik Babbar) have paired up again as Jeh has left Myra (Nimisha Mehta). Now Jeh and Dee are doing good in the relationship and she comes to know that she is pregnant. Because she had sex with Dr. Aamir Warsi (Milind Soman) Jeh broke with her. Now what happens to her relationship with Jeh and Dr. Warsi and what happens to that baby is her chapter in this season.

Umang Singh (Baani J): Last but not the least as ‘Four More Shots Please season 2’ is majorly about her. She and her love interest Samara Kapoor (Lisa Ray) have patched up again and now both are dreaming about their marriage. And this marriage mess eats the 4-5 episodes of this season. The couple (she and Sam) is very happy to marry each other but Samara again starts thinking like a star. But Umang loves her so much and this marriage drags to the season till climax. But what happens to their love story and their grand marriage is shown as an important part of the climax.

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All the four leads (Sayani Gupta, Kirti Kulhari, Bani J & Maanvi Gagroo ) have again shown solid chemistry like the last season. And, they all have done a superb job whether that’s fun, emotional, and angry or whatever moment. But my favorite is Sayani Gupta as she is brilliant with her each expression.

Prateik Babbar gets lesser scope in this season as the season has less Truck Bar scenes. But his character is solid & loyal and he has performed it superbly. I love him for his performance in the entire series.

Milind Soman is as okay as he was in the last season. He has nothing to do much and his character is also not that lovable. But he is a handsome hunk undoubtedly.

Lisa Ray seems just okay and doesn’t give a kick to your heart.

Sameer Kochhar’s character seems average and I don’t know why he chose to play this as he deserves better.

The rest of the supporting cast was good and makes the season real-like.

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Direction: Nupur Asthana has directed the season instead of Anu Menon who directed the last one. And, yes I felt the direction weaker than the first season. Emotional scenes were not that strong as of last season.

The Last Word: As the last word, ‘Four More Shots Please Season 2’ is firstly for the pure urban audience and not for masses. The season has few deadly conversations and Its moments for sure. Its fans will of course not miss it but for the first time viewers, it’s a good time pass. 

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