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‘Hasmukh’ Netflix Web Series Review: The only good thing about ‘Hasmukh’ is ‘Vir Das’ and it becomes burdon with each episode.

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‘Vir Das’ starrer Hasmukh web series is aired on Netflix now. This black comedy-drama web series has 10 episodes. All the episodes are directed by Nikhil Gonsalves while written by many writers including director Gonsalves and lead actor Vir Das. There are Ranvir Shorey, Ravi Kishan, Manoj Pahwa, Raza Murad and Suhail Nayyar in the prominent cast along with Vir Das.

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Now move to the review of ‘Hasmukh’. The web series has, of course, few light moments but overall it’s just an old dish of 90’s era. The only good thing about Hasmukh is its lead character Vir Das as he has performed it like Hasmukh and not Vir Das. But the series is that boring even Vir Das seems tired after 4-5 episodes.

Plot: Hasmukh (Vir Das) belongs to Saharanpur (U.P) and wants to become a stand-up comedian like his mentor Gulati (Manoj Pahwa). But Gulati always discourages him and makes fun of him as Hasmukh has stage fear. But one day he kills Gulati mistakenly right before Gulati’s big show. Now Hasmukh goes onto the stage in place of Gulati and rocks the show. He is a star now but he can’t perform any show without killing a person as he believes he gets the confidence from murdering bad people. Now for each show, he needs a person to murder. Luckily he always gets his hunt every time and becomes a bigger star with each show. Now it’s his dream come true moment when the biggest stand-up comedy show of India approaches him as wild card entry.

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Hasmukh and his partner-in-crime Jimmy (Ranvir Shorey) go to Mumbai and Hasmukh shines like a star in the show. Hasmukh kills known faces of the industry and comes into the suspect of Police. What happens with the Hasmukh’s dream as a stand-up comedian and those murders, is the climax of the story.


Vir Das as Hasmukh has given a stupendous performance but as I’ve earlier mentioned the weak and lazy writing & direction make his character tired.

Ranvir Shorey as Jimmy is good but there is nothing to remember about his character.

Manoj Pahwa as Gulati has an extended cameo in the single pair of cloth but he is just awesome.

Inaamulhaq as Daroga (Inspector) only gives you all the funny moments in the entire series with his PJs and he is too good.

The rest of the cast including Raza Murad, Ravi Kishan & Suhail Nayyar is okay.

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Direction: Nikhil Gonsalves’s worst and childish direction dumped an awesome script. Nikhil Gonsalves is proven zero in both of the hot genres he tried to cover in Hasmukh. First is the comedy and he is serving us 90’s husband-wife jokes while we all know the level of stand-up comedy nowadays. And, same he has done with the murder mysteries he tried to show. He is still stuck at the ‘Ali Baba Chaali Chor’ era. He must have watched a few ace murder mystery series before directing this.

The Last Word: Hasmukh becomes a headache with each episode and the only good thing about the series is Vir Das’s performance. So whether you’re a comedy lover or murder mystery lover but don’t dare to watch Hasmukh as it’s a pain.

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