Illegal (Voot Select) Web Series Review: A courtroom thriller drama, where courtroom and thrill are almost missing in this disaster drama.

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Neha Sharma has stepped into the digital world with her debut web series ‘Illegal: Justice, Out of Order’. The series is out now on ‘Voot Select’ and here is my detailed review and analysis on Illegal. This thriller court-room drama is completely lacking thrill and tortures you all the way. ‘Illegal – Justice Out of Order’ is a half-baked, confused, and lazy script that not only tests your patience but also makes it a bourdon. Apart from Neha Sharma’s natural and good act, this series drags you to hell. Don’t know why Piyush Mishra chose the script and downgraded himself being an outstanding artist.

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Plot: The story is majorly based on two court-cases and Niharika Singh (Neha Sharma) is doing both the cases from a reputed law firm of Janardan Jaitely aka J.J (Piyush Mishra). The saddest thing is, none of the cases seems impacting and logical throughout the series. The first one is a rape case and another is a confused one, even I am unable to figure it out. We can say the second case is of Mehar Salaam, the one we got to know in the trailer ROFL… And, director Sahir Raza gets failed to make any of the case impacts. Niharika Singh is on the wrong side of J.J but she doesn’t know it. Janardan Jaitley, who is manipulating everyone’s life including his wife but he has a clean face in society.

But what happens when Niharika Singh comes to know about J.J’s truth? And what happens to that Mehar Salaam case is the climax but it’s as worst as the whole series.

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Neha Sharma as Niharika Singh gives a solid and natural performance and tries to bind you with the dull series till the bogus climax.

Piyush Mishra as J.J aka Janardan Jaitely is of course as natural as always but weak character writing dominates his act.

Akshay Oberoi as Akshay Jaitely looks handsome and does well but again a poor and confused character writing doesn’t let him shine.

Kubbra Sait as Mehar Salaam has her moments but lack of screen time and poor direction wastes her too.

Satyadeep Misra as Puneet Tandon is the second good performance after Neha Sharma and he has done a good job.

Deepak Tijori as Surya Shekhawat seems confused and dull.

Direction: Sahir Raza is the main antagonist of Illegal – Justice Out of Order as he just wasted a superb and a large scale script.

The Last Word: Illegal – Justice Out of Order is a complete wastage of time even if u r getting bored. If you are a Neha Sharma diehard fan then you can watch it for her. But in the end, you’ll be guilty of bearing this elongated court-room thriller drama series where courtroom and thrill are completely missing.

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