Mirzapur Series Review: Interesting and thrilling game of guns, drugs and kingdom.

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Briefing: It’s not easy to convey the story of Mirzapur without cracking its thrill & feel that’s why you should watch it yourself but we can help you to build up the interest by briefing few things like Mirzapur is an awesome story cum game of guns, drugs and kingdom.

Pankaj Tripathi as Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya rules the city and how everyone is connected to one another is beauty of the story. Mirzapur has a perfect balance between crime, thriller and drama genres and not less than an addiction if you start watching. There is nothing like that you have never watched before but its depth of developing characters, story building and screenplay keeps it above all whether its Gangs of Wasseypur both parts.

There is a depth of politics and hooliganism in the different gangs, areas, between law & mafia and even within the families.

Screenplay & Dialogues:

Story, screenplay and dialogues all are written by Karan Anshuman, Puneet Krishna & Vineet Krishnan and salute them for such masterpiece writing. Dialogues are very common and normal but gets dipper inside specially the lines of Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Pankaj Tripathi. There way of writing is quite genuine but abusive which is of course demand of the plot.

Screenplay is equally weighty as dialogues and story, it’s addicted and to the point. There are couple of stories running at a time but all start from one origin that is Pankaj Tripathi and end to the same, the writers have done a fantastic job to portray it with their classy screenplay.



There is a huge star cast as it’s a series and not that easy to cover them all but no one is ignore-able so let’s try to cover as many as possible.

Kulbhushan Kharbanda:  He has acted very naturally as Satyanand Tripathi even by sitting on the wheel chair through all episodes and he is the master planner of this kingdom.

Pankaj Tripathi: He has nailed the character of Akhandanand Tripathi with his godfather looks and introvert behavior. The Boss of Mirzapur, who is ruling the city with his guns and afeem business, has many rivalries and enemies.

Divyendu Sharma: We never have seen him in the character like Munna Tripathi, who is a violent, drug addict and antagonist but he is too good that you will remember him as Munna Tripathi after watching Mirzapur and will forget his trademark performance of Liquid in ‘Pyar ka Panchnama’.

Rasika Duggal: Playing Beena Tripathi wife of Akhandanand Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi) and step mother of Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma), she has a silent and horny character and played it very naturally.

Shaji Chaudhary: As Maqbool, Shaji Chaudhary is biggest sign of loyalty in the Mirzapur as he is the henchman of Akhandanand Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi) and he has played his role with the same loyalty that if you think about Akhandanand Tripathi then Maqbool will be there with his silent but best performance.

Rajesh Tailang: Ramakant Pandit, an advocate and father of Guddu (Ali Fazal) and Babloo (Viikrant Massey), who is a noble man and honest about his profession and against his sons due to their style of living and working for Akhandanand Tripathi. Ramakant Pandit has lesser scope but of course the originator of the thriller and he is also awesome with his natural acting.

Sheeba Chaddha: Sheeba Chaddha is playing Vasudha Pandit, wife of Ramakant Pandit and mother of Guddu and Babloo, she has also lesser scope but good with her job as a mother.

Ali Fazal: This is Guddu and one of the main characters of the story, Ali Fazal goes so deeper in the character that you forget its Ali Fazal and watch a daredevil who just wants respect and money by any means. His body language, acting, dialogues and giant body gives you WOW factor throughout the series.

Vikrant Massey: He is playing Babloo Pandit younger brother of Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal), a brainy and educated soldier of Akhandanand Tripathi’s team and Vikrant Massey is as good as Ali Fazal. The perfect collaboration between brothers is made by looking at.


Direction: Karan Anshuman & Gurmmeet Singh are the key persons behind this masterpiece and their direction is very interesting and intelligent, full marks to the directors for their hard work and creativity.

Final Verdict: As final verdict Mirzapur is a must watch specially for the crime-thriller lovers. It’s perfect mixture of art and creativity whether it’s about Script, storytelling, dialogues, Performances and entertainment. It deserves 4.5/5 stars.

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