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Money Heist Season 4 Review: Despite elongated last episode and dull planning, this season is very special as it’s a war now and not only the heist.

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Finally, the wait is over and we have much-awaited ‘Money Heist’ Season 4 in our hands now. Despite a huge loss in Spain due to Corona Virus Outbreak, this Spanish series got air on Netflix. Which is surely a sigh of relief for the Spanish and other people who are locked-down in their houses and have been waiting for this part.

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Plus Points: 

  • The whole season is incredible and extra-ordinary than all previous ones.
  • Leaves you with the smile in the end as there is ‘Season 5’ in the queue.
  • The new character ‘Cesar Gandia’ (Security Chief of Director of Bank of Spain) makes the season even more impacting and interesting.
  • Here is another solid character ‘Alicia Sierra’ new inspector in-charge in the tent makes the moments.
  • The fittest season for Berlin’s fans as he is all over there in this season (in flashback).

 Minus Points: 

  • The eighth episode is extra-elongated and boring which makes the whole season dull.
  • This is the weakest season as far as emotions are concerned.
  • The first time professor’s Planning seems fake but this is only director-writer faults not him.
  • Twists are not up to the mark and easily predictable.
  • Palermo and Bogota, new members of the gang don’t make their presence well.

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Plot: The story continues where it ends in the last season as Professor still thinks that Lisbon aka Raquel is no more. As Professor is broken down by heart so unable to think creatively and starts getting into the trap of the Police. But Tokyo handles him well now heist of the Gold in Bank of Spain gets resumed.

Now mastermind and In-Charge of Heist, Palermo lost his control and Tokyo takes over the charge. Palermo betrays the team by setting Cesar Gandia free. Now an interesting Cat-Mouse game starts between Gandia and the Heist gang. As Gandia knows the place very well so he dominated the unity of the gang. Gandia is a one-man army and very powerful so it’s hard to handle him by the gang without Professor’s help. But as we know the plan is made by Berlin and Palermo so they left few loopholes in their research. As a result, Professor is blind now as Gandia has broken the link between gang and Professor. He (Gandia) is in a place that wasn’t mentioned in Berlin & Palermo’s research. So Part 4 is not about Heist and Raquel’s freedom but a fight between Gandia and Gang now.

Another side, Raquel is emotionally broken down by ‘Alicia Sierra’ and she puts a deal in front of Raquel. Alicia will set her free if she surrenders and becomes a witness for the Police. Raquel has almost given-up and just tied herself in a hope that something magical will happen.

As in the Part 4 trailer, Nairobi is shot down so she is also unable to help the gang and also seeks attention for her injury.

So Money Heist Part 4 is the answer to all of the above questions with few new more questions arises which are pending to Part 5. But mind you, it’s no more a heist now but a war between the Professor’s gang and Spain government.

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