Why Sacred Games 2 remained weaker than first season, Here is brief analysis, reviews and ending explanation.

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Sacred Games second season was the most anticipated thing on the Netflix for Indian audience. Everyone was dying to know that will happen on that bloody 25th day Gaitonde warned about? Finally all the sacred Games fans got their answer but before proceeding I want to know was the answer worthy enough? 90% of my interest and excitement fallen here when I saw that nuclear bomb in Police van.


Strong Points:

Whether you liked Sacred Games 2 or not but few of the wow scenes were surely there so let’s talk about those wow things first.

  • Relation between Sartaj Singha and Shahid Khan as they both were maternal brothers. That small hint widen your eyeball and of course director nailed with that scene. Bhai ne hi Bhai ki Jaan Li which was right as well.
  • Another scene of Sartaj when he comes to know that his father used to follow Guru ji and his mother helped him knowingly.
  • Remember first scene of first season where Gaitonde is killing Jojo is almost last scene of the series as well. So the whole story travelled for that scene which is an awesome job by screen writer.
  • Whether you are feeling bored but still you keep watching to know what will happen on D-Day. I mean continuation never get broken. The screenplay became weaker in 4th,5th and 6th episode but it doesn’t break your mood 100% (TO ITNA BHI BURA NAHI HAI YAAR).
  • Performances still remain on its peak throughout the season whether its newly added characters or the old ones. Like Batya (Kalki Koechlin), Guru Ji (Pankaj Tripathi), Bhonsle (Girish Kulkarni), DCP Parulkar (Neeraj Kabi) they all were superb.


Weak Points:

Of course the second season remains weaker than first one and there are some logical things behind that. Like when 1st season came no one knows about what it is going to be? so unexpectedly you got the tasty food but for second season the expectations were on the sky for the makers too. They wanted to serve you the best dish but pressure fucks up everything. Now come to the weak points except this pressure one which made Sacred Games 2 poorer than first one.

  • For me the most important thing was The God i.e. Ganesh Gaitonde’s character which was equally weak in the second season as strong it was in the first one. That may be the demand of novel or the story but whatever it was they just ruined the most awesome thing about Sacred Games.
  • The second and the equally disappointing thing was the BOMB they shown after all that mess of 25 days what are you coming with? a bomb? I understand it was massive with 600 kg power but just to say its power does not justify with sleepless nights of Sacred Games lovers. Bomb’s idea was good but it should have been something giant. Which audience have never seen before kind of material.
  • The characters which got involved in second season were not as impacting and developed as in the first ones. Like the biggest one Shahid Khan, Aalam, Maalam and many more..
  • That South Africa part of the story got dragged a lot. That part could have been cropped to half of it at least.

So these were some key points which I noticed about Sacred Games second season. now if we come to climax or ending let me put my thought on it.


Sacred Games Ending/Climax:

Four chances of that pattern went wrong now Sartaj drawn last pattern but if you remember when Shahid Khan activates bomb the pattern was different. So according me the bomb got blasted and Mumabi with whole Maharashtra turned to the smoke.

So guys this was the brief reviews about Sacred Games second season and the climax. What do you think about it? Please do write us your opinion in the comment section below and stay tuned for latest Bollywood stuff.


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