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Netflix Miniseries Ghoul Review: A power pack of ultimate story, screenplay and performances!

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Netflix Original released its Second for the India as Ghoul after great success of Sacred Games, which means Demon or Monster. Ghoul released on 24th August on Netflix and here is the Review by The Last Review.


Nida Rahim (Radhika Apte) is on the military training but left it in the mid for some secret assignment of interrogating terrorists on some secret place name ‘Meghadoot31’. Where country’s top militants bring for interrogation and now its turn of the antagonist ‘Ali Saeed’ played by ‘Mahesh Balraj’ who is brought to the interrogation chamber and some paranormal activities start happening then Nida Rahim came to know that Ali Saeed is not a human but a ‘Ghoul’.
Then story takes a turn and moves towards climax, for the climax and twits & turns go to the Netflix and watch GHOUL.


Screenplay is as good as story which runs many stories at the same time but connects them all in the climax.


Radhika Apte proved herself as the best choice for Ghoul that’s why she is the number one on Netflix. She is damn good with her performance.

Manav Kaul as colonel is also very good with his job and much focused with his role of and army officer.

Mahesh Balraj as Ali Saeed or The Antagonist gives much of variations with his acting which scares you. Apart from these three, every artist is good with his/her performances.


Patrick Graham, director and the write of Ghoul gives a sensible and on the track direction which made his story more impacting, 5/5 for the direction and the story.

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