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Daaka Punjabi Movie Review: Gippy Grewal has nailed it with one-liners and superb twist n turns.

Punjabi Movie Review

Punjabi superstar Gippy Grewal and Zareen Khan starrer ‘Daaka’ is complete package of solid story-screenplay writing, one-liners, performances and humor. Below is the detailed movie review of ‘Daaka’:

Gippy Grewal’s ‘Ik Sandhu Hunda Si’ is now releasing in February 2020, Here is the new poster.

Plot: Film starts with two parallel stories of unemployed & failure Shinda (Gippy Grewal) and scammer Sukhchain Singh. Sukhchain Singh have done a fraud of 50 Cr. and police have arrested him. Other side Shinda wants to earn something to marry Laali and his friend Balli (Rana Ranbir) stays with him in ups n downs. Now they both plan to rob the local village bank. On the robbery day Sukhchain Singh, who is in the same village Police Station, escaped. Becomes a mess of laughter when the trio (Shina, Balli and Sukhchain) met accidently. Sukhchain offers them 5 Cr to make him escape from the village. They both agree and complete the mission in a very thrilling cum laugher way.

But Shinda and Balli got busted by the police in the crime of Sukhchain escape plan. Now both the stories get merged and what happens with Shinda Love story and Sukhchain Singh gets cleared by the climax.

Daaka Public Review: Gippy Grewal’s Punjabi film ‘Daaka’ had a super successful premiere in Toronto, Canada.

Screenplay: Gippy Grewal’s screenplay is engaging with couple of twist n turns. Good job!


Gippy Grewal as Shinda makes you laugh, emotional and entertained with his outstanding funny performance.

Zareen Khan doesn’t have that scope but she is one of the reason to move the story ahead too. She looks proper Patola too.

Rana Ranbir as Balli has his moments and done his job as always, means superb.

Mukul Dev looks dashing  Sikh Police Officer and kills with his dangerous expressions.

There are two more characters I loved, one is the security guard cum peon and a police constable, they have nailed with their comic timings.

Direction: Baljit Singh Deo did a good job except at few places but overall he is a very good director.

Music: ‘Daaka’ has solid tracks including Gippy’s own remake of ‘Phulkari’ song.

The Last Word:Gippy Grewal and Zareen Khan starrer ‘Daaka’ is a good watch with fresh comedy and different concept.

‘Posti’ Punjabi Film announcement: Gippy Grewal and Rana Ranbir teamed up again after super-hit ‘Ardaas Karaan’.

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