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Manje Bistre 2 Movie Review: Gippy Grewal’s half baked script and old punches don’t take you on happy ride.

Punjabi Movie Review

Rating: 2 Star

Plus Points:  

  1. Above all I will keep Simi Chahal, who is looking damn beautiful in Manje Bistre 2.
  2. Music of the film is awesome and all the songs support this weak script very well.
  3. Canada’s landscapes take your heart.

Minus Points:  

  1. Half baked script and boring screenplay seems too lengthy in a movie of just 165 minutes.
  2. 90% Punches makes you irritated as they are inherited.
  3. Comedy seems forcefully pushed on many situations.

Manje Bistre 2 Trailer Reaction: This sarcastic comedy will make you rolling on the floor.

Plot: There is a wedding in Canada of Sadhu Halwai’s (Karamjit Anmol) grandson and Sukhi’s (Gippy Grewal) maternal cousin. All the relatives got together there for making it a typical Punjabi wedding like in India as per Sadhu halwai’s wish. Raano (Simi Chahal) is bride’s cousin who meets Sukhi  accidently and like old traditional style they both fell in love. There are few unwanted confusions tried to put but that only irritates you.

Sukhi misbehaved with Raano’s father without knowing him and again a typical old traditional situation put over here too. How the couple overcame from this problem and hook up again is the climax.

Current Song from Manje Bistre 2 is out: Simi Chahal’s awesome expressions made this current even more vibrating.

Screenplay: Gippy Grewal’s story and screenplay are not only half baked but irritate you couple of times.

Performances: Gippy Grewal is as normal as he was in last couple of movies with some overacting. Simi Chahal is good with awesome expressions. Karamjit Anmol as Sadhu Halwai is a bit irritating but okay with his job. Gurpreet Ghuggi and Anita Devgan wasted in their roles. rest all are just average and nothing to shout about.

Direction: Baljit Singh Deo is a good director as I am his fan of other movies but in Manje Bistre 2 he seems got dominated from weak story/screenplay of Gippy Grewal.

Music: Music is the only good thing happened to Manje Bistre 2 after Nice landscapes of Canada. All the songs are fun loving and try to manage the bad script.

Final Verdict: Manje Bistre 2 is below average as Punjabi Cinema got new levels in comedy genres but this story/screenplay doesn’t justice with its genre.

Gippy Grewal’s Manje Bistre 2 Trailer to out on 16th March!

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