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Shooter Punjabi Film Review: The most controversial Punjabi film of 2020 got leaked online and here is my review on ‘Shooter’.

Punjabi Movie Review

2020 is the year of Corona Outbreak and due to the LockDown almost all the movies, related to any film industry, got postponed. But here is a Punjabi Film ‘Shooter’, which didn’t postpone due to Corona but due to its content. The film is based on the life of Punjab’s sharpshooter ‘Sukha’. ‘Shooter’ which was scheduled to release its theatrical run on 21st February got banned. Censor Board didn’t approve the film due to suspect of riots. But the film got leak online on Indian messenger app ‘Telegram’ approximate 10-12 days ago. Now the film is getting a very positive response and its black marketing on Telegram has been started. Someone sent me the link and I just watched for its content which was declared negative. First of all, I would like to add that there is nothing wrong with the Punjabi film ‘Shooter’.

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But makers of the film also announced that film got green flag now and will be released as Corona Lockdown gets over. But I watched the film before their announcement and I am a bit disappointed now. But yes, I will surely watch it in theater as it gets released. So my request to all the fans of Jayy Randhawa and Punjabi Film Industry to watch it into the theaters as it gets released after the Corona outbreak.

So here is my review about Jayy Randhawa starrer Punjabi Film ‘Shooter’:

Plot: The film doesn’t cover anything beyond its trailer and it’s an extended version of the trailer. The story, we all came to know from its trailer, is of a young boy ‘Sucha’ (Jayy Randhawa). Who is a rebel from childhood and doesn’t afraid of fights but his grandfather’s assassination, in front of his eyes, turns his life into an action drama. Now ‘Sucha’ goes to college and gets famous for his blunt actions against ragging and seniors. Bheema, a famous gangster cum novice politician, adds Sucha in his gang because of his popularity. Sucha always wanted to be as famous as Bheema, even more than him. He becomes the right of Bheema and makes his name more popular even more than Bheema. Now, this closeness of Sucha and Bheema doesn’t give pleasant to few more persons in the gang. Now Sucha starts taking his decisions and becomes a rebel against Bheema even.

There are few layers of ‘Sucha’ that runs parallel like he goes to jail several times and also escape from the jail and then back to jail and so on… But what happens in the end and what takes Sucha to that level is the crux of the story.

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Screenplay: After ‘Jayy Randhawa’ super-duper hit performance, the screenplay is the second best thing about ‘Shooter’. The point, where the story starts from and where it gets and the end will connect you from the heart.

Performances: This is the story of ‘Sucha’ played by Jayy Randhawa and that’s the only performance which makes it worth watching. Jayy Randhawa has done a fantastic job and I wish I could watch him on the silver screen.

Music: We all know about the music of the film as ‘Shoot Da Order’, ‘Hitler’ and ‘Maa’ songs are already hit but other songs also suit the plot of the film.

The Last Word: ‘Shooter’ is a good watch and there is nothing that can hurt anyone’s feelings. Watch it for Jayy Randhawa’s awesome performance.

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