Warning Punjabi Series Episode 2 Review: Gippy Grewal declared Warning film for the next parts with a solid twist.

Punjabi Movie Review

After winning more than 3 million hearts with ‘Warning’ first episode. Finally, we do have its second episode after more than a month. Like the first episode, this one also took an intriguing twist and the bigger one too. Gippy Grewal decided to take the next episodes as Warning film releasing on 19th June 2020.

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Let’s have a brief about this episode first, Now Chhinda (Jagga’s son) comes out of jail for his father’s funeral. But he plays a game and doesn’t return to the jail for taking his father’s murder revenge. As Pamma (Who Killed Jagga) is no more so Chhinda doesn’t know who murdered his father. And he goes to the biggest business opponent of Jagga and kills him for no reason. Now Chhinda goes to Baai Ji for questioning and smells something fisheries. He got the sign that Pamma killed his father but what’s next is the most interesting part. Do watch it yourself and be ready for the Warning film ready to hit the theaters of 19th June this year.

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Gippy Grewal’s writing is active and engaging in this part too and Amar Hundal’s direction is fairly impacting. Prince KJ dialogues are awesome as always and I would like to entertain a dialogue here: “Chaah (Tea) to pehla paani puchhi da ya.. Naale chaah puchhi di ni siddha leke aayi di ya” amazing. Several new characters also added in this episode as Dheeraj Kumar, Rana Jung Bahadur, and Irwin Meet Kaur as Chhinda’s love interest. Stay tuned for the latest Pollywood updates.

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