Warning – Punjabi Series (Episode 1) Review: This crime-thriller series is going to set new benchmark.

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GIppy Grewal, as writer, is as smart as an actor. He has written and produced ‘Warning’ series and its first episode is out on Humble Music official YouTube channel. I would say the first episode has taken this crime thriller drama to a next level. Now I am waiting for the second episode, if anyone knows when it’s going to out then please comment.

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The story starts with Paramjit aka Pamma (Prine K J), an educated unemployed person. He is just done with his father funeral and now wants to do anything for survival. He met with Baai ji (Mahabir Bhullar) who is a don and asks him for a job to do. Baai Ji tells him to kill the drug Mafia Jagga (Ashish Duggal) yet he has not hold a gun. Everyone laughs at him but Pamma takes risk to get famous. He starts following Jagga with a smart direction by Amar Hundal. After few days he kills the Drug Mafia Jagga and comes back to Baai Ji with a high shoulder. Now what Pamma gets as an award is the smart twist by Gippy Grewal. Now watch it to get the answer yourself. Prince K J’s acting and dialogues will connect with you from the first frame as he is raw and awesome.

I would just say Gippy Grewal is on peak of his career whether it’s about acting, direction, writing and production. Whatever comes out of him, is a masterpiece in itself. Now let’s wait and watch what happens after Jagga’s death in the second episode of Warning.

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